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Bookmarklets collection for developers

12 Mar, 2011. Written by Tom Roggero

Let's start with the concept. What is a bookmarklet?
A bookmarklet is a short piece of javascript that may be included in an anchor href attribute (link) or used as bookmark in your browser. There are several useful bookmarklets, and these are some of my favorites. Currently there are plenty of sites giving a bookmarklet to have the site functionality across wherever you are (like twitter, if you want to tweet)

Visual Event
Spry media had created this really useful bookmarklet, which allows you to see every visible element attached events, such as click actions.

You are just slicing your PSD for your web, doing front-end stuff, and you know spriting your images is a really performance improving technique. With this tool, you can have all your site sprite generated automatically (obviously the css too!)

Google Reader Notes
If you love sharing links of websites you find (as I do), you will love this tiny thing. It opens a modal box overlay just inside the site you're currently viewing, and it allows you to add comment, tags, and to make it public (Shared items) or private (Notes) stuff for your GReader.

Get Markup
Another really useful tool, you can use it for QA on your projects. Make a circle, an arrow, a curved line, add comments, just a really nice feature to communicate with your development team.

Color your code in a nicely readable way!

It creates a wireframe of the current site, just easy to use and very handy. The only thing I don't like is the fact it doesn't support some coding techniques, but to have a lowlevel wireframe it's just useful!

Kick Ass
This actually isn't a useful bookmarklet but a funny project created on JS canvas, that makes asteroid-based game appears in the web to destroy it. Have fun!

And two useful links, with plenty of resources for web developing:
- 10 sites developers should have in bookmarks
- 20 tools to make the life of a web developer easier

What about you? Now it's your turn to share your favs bookmarklets!

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